“The Christmas season in Sydney doesn’t officially start until the lights are turned on at St Mary’s Cathedral.”

Sandra SullyNetwork TEN

The Lights of Christmas featured on Australia Post’s 2017 Christmas Stamps

The Lights of Christmas was selected this year by Australia Post to feature on their 2017 Christmas stamps.

The Australian Post stamp displays a projection from The Lights of Christmas 2013 Madonnina, commonly known as Madonna of the streets, by Roberto Ferruzzi (1854 – 1934), which won the Venice Biennale in 1897.

The international stamp features Small Cowper Madonna, a painting by Italian High Renaissance artist Raphael, depicting Mary and child in typical Italian countryside. The portrait has been dated back to circa 1505, and was featured in The Lights of Christmas 2014.

These two images have been reprised in the final segment of The Lights of Christmas 2017.